Sunday, July 4, 2010

Usher's Concert 2010

So pumped up after Usher's Amazing Concert just now in 南港展覽館,今天依然是個三十六度大烤箱的台北,但是下午兩點多就開始換裝化妝打扮準備,畫上厚厚的眼線,準備要在今晚Usher's的演唱會大跳一場,太陽好大,and it fired my excitement as well. 捷運足足花了半小時多的時間,終於倒了南港展覽館,整個地方還頗大的,我們繞了一整圈才到了A區排隊的地方,四點抵達真的太早,人根本沒有很多,and again, 太陽真得很大。


the running started.

Everyone was running, holding onto their tickets and their little purses. I saw everyone else around me running, and I sprinted faster. Never before had I appreciated my basketball training and that I was able to surpass two to three others in my platforms.

我前面有個穿著綠色條紋的男士,就當他跑到最後一個門口時,竟然一腳踩在散落一地的塑膠撲克牌上,整個人往旁邊摔滑,man, it was the most unlucky slip I've ever seen. 不過我也就繼續跑過他,終於在最後搶到了最前面,倚著欄杆的位置,真幸運!那位穿綠色條紋的先生,not so 幸運,我表弟掉的那副牌,害那位先生犧牲了他的4000元搖滾區的票。

We waited for another thirty minutes. And suddenly the concert started, and Usher and the dancers were all on stage. Literally a second before one of the staff was just getting off the platform, BAM, the lights went off and then it went on and music started playing.

Then I was seeing USHER! the celebrity that had always been in TV and in youtube is right there, a few feet away from me, IN PERSON. Gosh it was the greatest feeling. I was trembling all over and I couldn't keep my eyes off all the dancing and the energy.

It is USHER, singing live and twisting his hat and doing those moves. It was unbelievable.

He sang all of his classic songs like "YEAH", "U remind me", "Burn", "Confessions Part II", "My boo", "Caught up", "Love in This Club", "Hey Daddy". It's too bad that most of the people didn't memorize the lyrics.

He seem disappointed that we weren't able to sing his songs. But we were screaming our throats and hearts out. I hope that makes up for our lack of dedication.

In the end it was the song "there goes my baby" and "OMG". Everyone was screaming, jumping, and dancing "low low low lower".

Oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh Oh My Gosh!

很多次Usher都走到我們正前方的舞台,甚至跨道前面的那個台子,離我們有一手臂近,只差一點就可以碰到他的手了,他到了一整瓶水在自己頭上,也灑到了我們,真得很嗨。大螢幕上的轉播錄影機也照到了我的特寫,I must seem like a complete whack job with my making fraying and my hair everywhere. It's at the same time so embarrassing and so exciting, cos I've become a real part of Usher's concert. I hope more people would see my crazed state. The first live concert that I've been in. I don't care that my trousers are dirty with rusted iron. I don't care that my face is a mess and my throat is closing up.

I've seen Usher and he'd seen me. Two lines i thought that would never cross in this world have met each other. It's like a dream and reality breakdown of all the things that could happen in life. Which makes me hopeful.

Usher's concert was fantastic. It's amazing. It was wonderful. I may never see Usher again in my whole life, but this is enough. I've touched on one of the most unbelievable things in my life and now I know that Impossible is nothing.


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