Thursday, May 26, 2011

Not-so-good breakfast

After a good night's sleep, I woke specially early. I remember last night going to sleep with a growling stomach. It's no surprise I woke up craving some good breakfast.

Those who live in dorms like me will definitely understand the woes of school breakfast. Oily, the quantity meager, the price- not so friendly.

The little booth in the corner of the canteen is frying up slices of frozen ham and bacon, putting together buns and eggs to make hamburgers. I ordered a 肉鬆乳酪餅. Flaky cheesy exterior with a piece of toast wrapped around egg and pork floss. A greasy triangle which I immediately regret upon receiving it. The warm milk tea is bland and has a bitter aftertaste... Bleh.

I shouldn've just gotten a MOS burger breakfast set. So mich healthier and less greasy for the same price.

Ahh, sunshine after a dreary week! I hope the good weather keeps up. May the typhoon go straight to China and don't bring the rain of worms on us again!!!!

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