Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The peace before the storm

This week went by amazingly fast. Poof, and suddenly wednesday is almost over. Just woke up from a two-hour after-supper slumber. Drinking honey-lemon-aloe jelly and my head is still wandering aimlessly.

Must. Suppress. Urge. To. Eat.

and the urge to start doing some other meaningless thing...

Basketball was exciting together. With all the energy bounded within me from being kept indoors all weekend, plus the stupid weather. Today "I shot across the court like a bullet", as described by the teacher.

I never knew I could run that fast :D

anyway, how is it that I could be so relaxed right now. I bet the scene will be different by next week, when the finals will finally be upon us. AND and end of junior year, eeek! 

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