Monday, November 15, 2010


What a stalemate the midterms have been.

Close to three week's i've been holed up here, barely speaking with people
Half of the time was spent on my laptop, a quarter sleeping, and the remaining quarter burying my nose into textbooks.

Tomorrow's midterm is going to be Risk Management, but i'm still stuck in chapter four.
I wonder if i'm going to be able to wake up early enough tomorrow to finish the remaining two.

I think i'll end up sleeping in =_=

It's late at night and one's mind tend to wander. I'm already imagining the relief once the tests were over and how i'm going to spend my winter break (which is still two months away)

Earlier in the evening, instead of studying diligently, i opted to file my nails.

It's square shaped, which is better if one plays alot of basketball and really abuses one's nail.
I'm so ready for my OPI H18 right now, going to rush to the post office and retrieve it first thing this morning.

Since when has my patience for books and sorts gone? Instead it's filled with desire for relaxation, leisure, food, nail polish...

Someone please pick me up and smash me against a tree or something. Wake me up from my day dreams. I kinda need to start facing reality.

I really hate studying.

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